We are at the point which

advertising and digital unite

1,618 Creative Ad Works produce advertising and marketing solutions for all the brands which
use offline media and pass to online media at the same time.

1,618 reflects “golden ratio” dialectic to its works. We keep going with Look New Media working on
digital marketing and selling of our idea which we think and built its communication and Adcase.net
which is our e-trade project providing advertising for franchisor  companies having a number offices in Turkey. 

Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım

Social Responsibility Project Poster Work

An advertisement was designed for Spinal Cord
Injury Association with the slogan of "It is just
a cap for you, but for them..."

MCT Consultancy

Website Design of Human Resources Conference

A website was designed for the Human Resources Conference arranged
by MCT Consultancy every year.

MCT Consultancy

Website Design of Marketing Conference

A website was designed for the Marketing Conference arranged
by MCT Consultancy every year.

Yaşam Atölyesi

Website Design

Web Site Design Work

Our complete team

We adopt “Kaizen philosophy” as a principle. What are we doing? We learn new things,
entertain, and apply them every day. We have achieved it sooner or later.
We believe in power inside our team-mates.

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“Motion Office”

We know that our work deals with the cable and we become like in the office everywhere. Therefore, our office is in a location which does not have limitations. Thus, we both are with the street, land, city, people and are able to benefit from advantages of digital. What is Motion Office?  

What is Motion Office?
1,618 believes that the office is in the mind. However, it knows that “everything is nice in its own place”. For this reason it has divided its working team into three.

First team is in the original place and manages operation. All design, thinking and application strategies are performed by this team.

Second team becomes part of the activity when it is needed. This team doesn’t come to work every day but it takes the action in case of a work. Our friends with who we have been working for about 5 years are in this team and they are professional in their fields.

Third team takes part in long-termed and comprehensive works. That is to say, we can easily create any technology and advertising product with this team. Products having done with this team are generally more private and boutique.

Complete Team

Sefa KARAHAN Head of Agency
Filiz BİLMİŞ Customer Relations Director
Mehtap KARPUZ Brand Manager
Hale KAPLAN Look New Media Project Manager
Derya Sav Brand Manager
Nurdan KARADAŞ Financial & Administrative Affairs
Ahmet GÜNAY Art Director
Hasan CALP Art Director
Kübra ORUÇ Art Director
Gizem Türker Copy Writer
Yağmur YÜCEL Copywriter
Volkan YILMAZ Digital Strategist
Müjgan KURTULUŞ Cook

1,618 believes that work

specialization is needed.

That’s why; it divides its services into four main classes and aims to be excellent in each.

  • Organizational and visual identity
  • Campaign Planning and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design (Packaging and Analysis)
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Applications
  • Adver Game
  • Software Development
  • Micro Site
  • Mailing Design
  • Banner Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Introductory Film
  • Viral Movie
  • Post Production
  • Jingles
  • Commercial Film
  • Creating General Brand Architecture
  • Brand Perception and Strategy
  • Digital Brand Positioning
  • Positioning Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Communication Strategies


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Creative // Production // Digital // Consultancy

We believe in power of face to face communication.

We have carried out our works as people oriented and we say that advertising and marketing productions are for people today. We have experienced that secret of success is to meet face to face.
We want to have a talk with you while drinking a coffee.

Our address: Levent Mahallesi, Alt Zeren Sokak, No: 21 | 1. Levent/İSTANBUL
Phone: +90 212 283 50 28 | Fax: +90 212 283 50 27
Mail: biz@1-618.com.tr